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State of the Union Address! In my hubris, I bit off more than I could chew. Here is what's going to be changing!


Just wanted to give you a little update on the current hiatus status of dailytrainingsession.com.

I promise I haven't forgotten about you! However, as this is/was a Beta product being offered on the cheap, some hiccups are to be expected and it was really more of an experiment than anything else to see how it went.

These are the results of that experiment.

What Happened?

Well a combination of things...

A few hundred of you signed up, which is awesome! And I don't want to leave you hanging but after a few months of doing this I noticed the open rates dropped after you were engaged for a few weeks.

Only new people who signed up were opening the workouts with regularity, with rare exception. So it was a revolving door of a smaller audience than I hoped would be interested. I wanted to do something high impact that wouldn't become a day job.

In other words, it's a cool idea, but do you really want a workout delivered to your inbox daily on my schedule? It turns out, maybe not...

I'll circle back to this.

Second, I bit off more than I can chew trying to write 500-1000 words a day and uploading a bunch of content, while still coaching and working in web development.

I started DTS at a transition point in my life after spending 605 days travelling the world. I came back to Vancouver looking to tackle something new but also looking to get back to my regularly scheduled routine.

The max 5 hours a week I was hoping to dedicate to this was turning into 10, 20, sometimes 25 hours a week and often cutting into my other work or making my nights long and lonesome.

It was initially a rejuvenating as all new projects are but quickly became a burden. I was beginning to lose sleep over it and obsess about the details.

Finding love in a hopeless place
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I'm a BIG IDEAS person and I don't struggle jumping headfirst into something new. This is both a blessing and a curse. I also have really bad perfectionist tendencies that I am constantly fighting to make sure something gets shipped consistently. And of course, I hate letting people down and need to be seen as reliable, so I don't terminate experiments as quickly as I probably should.

New video content actually takes hours to shoot, edit and upload. Can you imagine how long it would take if I was hiring a professional? Forever! The weather wasn't always cooperating – especially in July here, and some days in August were toasty.

Most of my existing videos didn't really align with my plan to cater initiatially more to beginners, so I was shooting a lot of new stuff rather than using old stuff. Which is fine, and I'll keep doing that but it won't end up on DTS.

Three, it was summer and who doesn't want to enjoy the weather while they can?

Especially after the crazy ride that has been 2020? As much as I enjoy talking fitness, if I'm honest I don't really want to be spend most of my summer tied to a computer either, if I can help it. With fall upon us, I'm once more shifting gears.

I still think DTS is a decent idea but I can't keep pace with that volume of daily writing. I don't have the time/energy to compete with the WOD's of the world at this point in my life, and thus will be shutting this down for now.

I'm going to explore ways to implement this more programmatically in my spare time but my clients need to be prioritized so any new projects will be catered to them first and foremost.

Do You Really Want to Train Everyday?

Maybe...   Maybe not... 🤷‍♂️

The thing I'm best at doing is designing exercise programs and 99% of the time,  I don't design daily programs. It felt more than a little hypocritical.

I think there are a few among you who do or at least want to but most were tuning out the emails by week 6 of signing up. It's a lot of information to absorb and it doesn't meet you on your schedule.

Committing to daily (or even near-daily) is a gigantic leap for the majority. People who train that frequently tend to be competitive athletes, not average people just trying to stay fit.

I began questioning the daily email delivery mechanism for what I wanted to accomplish with this newsletter; To get more people to resistance train.

Even if that means once a week. That's a win for me!

Otherwise trying to do daily was exactly the kind of all-or-nothing thinking I tend to advocate against. It was a professional dilemma. A conflict of interest if you will.

If I'm being honest, I don't even really train every day and I much prefer a less frequent schedule but with more intense training and some light movement work, walks and bike rides to fill in the gaps.

I'm sure each of you have your own schedules/preferences and I was wasting a ton of time trying to explain a bunch of hypotheticals on how I might alter these daily programs to suit other schedules. But without really knowing any of your schedules I was guessing, which became a huge time suck to explain.

The reality is that fitness as a concept is mastery driven. So unlike a newsletter on a technology stack or news, it's not as easily digested daily. If you miss a few sessions, you may find yourself having no idea what to do, only to have to go back and find the relevant email/day. If you miss a tech newsletter for a few days, you ignore it and move on. No big loss there.

But the concepts I am trying to teach build on one another and will do better with an internal wiki of some sort instead and more of a work-at-your-own pace delivery.

Based on this epiphany, the new approach is going to be me building schedule driven programs for you instead. You'll be able to choose your most desireable schedule rather than daily. No more trying to fit square pegs in round holes.

That approach just isn't going to happen on a site called Daily Training Session because that doesn't make any sense.

So here is how DTS is going to evolve in the short-term:

  1. I'm discontinuing this website soon-ish, but members will be moved to the new Skill Based Fitness membership tiers (you can unsubscribe at any point as usual)
  2. I might revitalize the concept later but it will be different. Not making any promises.
  3. Everything here will be consolidated into Skill Based Fitness [SBF] (which is the blog I've written periodically for years now...) going forward and I will release a variety of programs going forward monthly rather than daily.
  4. This includes phase 4 of the Eight Minute Workout that I had already planned but decided to hold off on...
  5. Paid Members will continue to have access to everything they have now as a new Paid membership option I have yet to turn on at SBF – the price will be higher than DTS, but I will honor anyone who is still paying at the current DTS rate for the time being.
  6. I'm going to slowly develop a series of 4 week (~month-long) starter programs that will be available on SBF on a 'pay what you think it's worth' pricing scheme – For instance, once a week training, twice a week training, 3x a week training, etc...etc... to help people get started with exercise
  7. All of those essentially free starter programs will lead into complete programs with 2-5 more phases available as a paid continuation sequence so people can keep going if they want.
  8. Paid members will have access to any program in the catalog as part of their membership.
  9. I'm going to continue to work on other broad programs that will be for sale (at reasonable prices) over at Skill Based Fitness to offer people who can't afford coaching.

I don't know exactly when all of this will happen. It will depend on how long it takes me to rework Skill Based Fitness with DTS functionality and move all of this content over there. I'm in the process of getting myself organized.

Get on my Skill Based Fitness Newsletter if you want information about any of this as it happens because I'll will no longer be writing here, now that I've made this announcement.

I'd highly recommend you join the Skill Based Fitness Facebook Group even as the SBF website is probably going to change a lot in the next month or two and that link might end up dead.

This will amalgamate and simplify a lot of web projects that I've built over the years into one place. Online coaching and membership based programs will now be available from the same place (SBF).

Adios amigos! For now...

I hope you enjoyed this little experiment and if you have any feedback, comments or questions, hit me up on Twitter as usual!

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