May The Fourth (Be With You...)

This is the first ever training day on DTS. It's resistance training. It'll take you < 10 minutes to do. And you should buy a band.

Simplicity Day

In the spirit of today. It's a Resistance Training Session Today (Sunday).

The Last Punch Buggy

Two years ago the last punch buggy rolled off the line in Mexico. Sadly, this is not the last training session to roll off the DTS line. πŸ˜‰

Don’t Step On a Bee

Bees are good. Don't kill the bees. But you can definitely step on (and crush!) this training session.

World Body Painting Day

You don't have to paint your body today (unless you want to) in anything but sweat.

Tell The Truth

Here it is. The truth about today's training session is all laid out in this post. It's the last resistance training session for this week.

World Kiss Day πŸ’‹

Give a loved one a kiss today, then kiss your training session blues good bye! This is the last conditioning workout of week 1 of phase 3 of the SEMW.

Work Without Your Hands

Look Ma, no hands! Well you might be able to work today without using your hands but you won't be able to do today's training session without them.

Drop a Rock

It's your lucky day. We're dropping resistance training on you instead of rocks. If you're looking for a creative outlet, today's the day to paint a rock.

World UFO Day

Today recognizes Unidentified Flying Objects. Phase 3 of this SEMW is unidentified as of yet. The conditioning portion will be illuminated today.

Montenegro is Official

Just like Montenegro got into the UN club, you are now in the DTS club. Use it wisely.

Jony Ive Leaves Apple

An apple a day will keep anyone away, if you throw it hard enough. Last resistance training day for this phase, so go as hard as you can.

LeBron Gets Drafted

I'm drafting you into the DTS family too and I hope you enjoy today's training session. Work as hard as LeBron and it'll pay off.

Kim Campbell

This training session goes out to Kim Campbell. Hopefully this isn't your first and only DTS. Keep it real.