May The Fourth (Be With You...)

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This is the first ever training day on DTS. It's resistance training. It'll take you < 10 minutes to do. And you should buy a band.

May The Fourth (Be With You...)

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On This Day

Today's a fun day if you're a Star Wars fan. Or my Aunt. Happy Birthday Auntie!

If you're a record geek it's also the day Thomas Edison revealed his first phonograph circa 1878. Who else has the Grey Album on vinyl?

Missing sports right now? Well if this was 1924, it'd be the opening ceremony for the VIII Summer Olympic Games in Paris, France. I'm bummed too. Feel like dancing?

Me neither...

10 years ago Julia Luis Dreyfus received the 2,407th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. My bad, Elaine's real name is actually Julia Louis-Dreyfus. At least I didn't put it in concrete?

This Month

The plan right now is that any time I change a program I'm going to give you a little blurb about my inspiration for the program. Well this is a brand new program!

Normally (going forward) I'll only be giving a PDF of the program to paid subscribers but this month is your lucky month because everyone is going to get it for the inaugural program.

Download that here for free.

Yes, this is my first rodeo. At least at doing a newsletter seriously. Well, semi-seriously, I'm hoping to keep it light. For the program this month I'm drawing inspiration from my popular adaptation of The Scientific Seven Minute Workout.*

*Which is either six minutes of work or eight minutes in duration so I have no idea why it was anyone else ever called the Seven-Minute workout? 🤔

Due to COVID-19 😷 and the fact that everyone is training at home right now, I'm leaning on minimal equipment requirements.

At a minimum you should have a band. I'm partial to ones you'll find in the link above (the 41" looped kind), but any kind of band will do for now. I'll show you along the way how to make various tools work for you. Especially bodyweight.

Today's Workout

Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 McGill Curl Up 1 30s 1/0/1/9 10s
A2 Alt. BirdDog 1 30s 1/0/1/9 10s
A3 Left Side Plank (from knee) 1 30s 1/0/1/9 10s
A4 Right Side Plank (from knee) 1 30s 1/0/1/9 10s
-- -- -- -- -- --
B1 Crossed Arm Squat 2 30s 2/0/1/0 10s
B2 Supine Band Row 2 30s 2/0/1/0 10s
B3 Glute Bridge 2 30s 2/0/1/0 10s
B4 Knee Push-Up 2 30s 2/0/1/0 10s

The links feature more exercise details for premium subscribers, you can cancel anytime but even if you don't try it, fret not! There are videos below for everyone...

Switch your legs on every McGill Curl-Up rep you do.

If you're wondering what the term 'Tempo' means. Please read this.

Knee push-up too easy? Do it from your feet!


Stay tuned for future workouts. Yes, they'll be similar but I'll be giving more tips and tweaks and recommendations to you along the way.

Don't reply to this email, it will vanish into the ether. Please give feedback by hitting me on Twitter @darren_beattie!

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