May The Fourth (Be With You...)

This is the first ever training day on DTS. It's resistance training. It'll take you < 10 minutes to do. And you should buy a band.

After This Short Break

Quick announcement ahead of a little R&R for me. This is a one man show, so it's easier just to give you one list of things to do in my absence.

Halley's Comet

You don't have to rush through today's training session like a comet. In fact, you should always lift under control, even if it's explosive work.

Przewalski’s Horse

You don't have to be a rare endangered species scientists thought went extinct 51 years ago to marvel at your majestic cycling, jumping or walking today.

Secret Liverpool Concert

A Beatles legend hosted a surprise concert to celebrate you doing this resistance training session.

Water Gun Fight!

Want to cool off after this mucho-intense conditioning session? A water gun fight never hurt anybody...

Welcome to Zion

Not that Zion? Well at least you'll feel that euphoric after completely today's resistance focused training session. 🤸‍♀️

Gorgeous Grandma

Regular training will keep you looking gorgeous into your 70's, 80's and beyond too! Don't skip today's conditioning session.

No Space Shuttle, No Cry

The space shuttle program was stopped (halted?) on this day in the recent past. Sadly training won't stop or be halted today.


Sunshine, Lollipops and Training Sessions. I may have messed that last lyric up but in any case, you're doing conditioning today right?

Ice Cream!

An R.D. for a pro sports team once confessed to me that they push ice cream as the 'sweet treat' of choice to their athletes. Find out why...

The "Pedo Guy"

Okay, so that's a dark theme to start the weekend, but he sued and they settled out of court. Showing there are consequences to eccentricity.

Liz Cambage Scores 53

Assuming you're in week three. If I was scoring today's workout, I'd say some of you should be able to manage 53 reps for each exercise in 4 sets time.

Jupiter's 79 Moons

I'm not quite at 79 Daily Training Sessions but I'm closing in on Jupiter's total. Chalk another conditioning session on the tally.

Shark Awareness

You can bring a deep awareness to sharks today. And if you want your training session too. I wish I could tame sharks like I tame training sessions.

Embrace Your Geekness

Even geeks lift/train. And you can be a geek about nearly anything so embrace it, like you're going to embrace today's conditioning training session.